I don't know if this is my ADD or Autism but my boss told me that he feels like I don't listen to him all they way and he has to tell me or remind me to do something over and over again. Does anyone else experience this?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • KendraRobotrix


    Yeah I do. I'm bad at listening and remembering

  • MixedBag0fMess


    Yeah, I have both as well so I can’t help you figure out which one

  • Entropyluna


    Most people with ADHD struggle with short-term memory issues, however, autism could also play a part in it. Autism makes it difficult to focus on multiple tasks at once. With both of them combined, it stands to reason that you can respond and acknowledge that you've been asked to do something. But unless you are immediately able to start doing it, you would have a significantly hard time remembering it. Ask your boss if he can accommodate you by providing a checklist or to-do list for you. This can be left with you or in an area like an office, and would have what needs to be done on it. Bonus points if you're able to have three categories that can help you prioritize tasks. Group A would be the most important tasks that need to be done before anything else, then Group B would be the second most important, and finally Group C would be tasks that aren't really that important. This can be an effective way for both of you to communicate. Your boss doesn't have to keep repeating himself, and you hopefully won't keep needing to be reminded. It may take some time to settle into a routine with a checklist or to-do list, but after a few days it should be much easier for you to turn to the list when you need a reminder on what to do next.

    • ThePhoenix


      He does know that I need to write things down and has given me some time to do that.

  • AnimalBoy


    Both autism and ADHD can cause short term memory issues but it's much much more common in ADHD. From the outside it frequently seems like not listening well because you might not remember a single part of the conversation/instructions or you might forget all of it, or even a mix of both where you need a repeat of the conversation/instructions because hi forgot right away and then a reminder of at least part of them later ornvice versa. It also gets worse if you're distracted at all even if you were still listening because your brain might forget everything but the distraction. It can help to take notes or make a mental note that you write down later and then set reminders for the expected deadline or your own personal deadline, this is also a symptom I noticed was manageable by meds for me but it took a second for the meds to build up and was the first symptom to come back as I grew a tolerance so it was only treated for a few months at a time.

  • minnieee


    Sounds like the inattention part of ADD! Yeah, sometimes if people talk for too long i forget a lot of what they were talking about. I wish for people to keep their speeches short and to the point 😅

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