Lil update: The sleep problems are still persisting and we are on day 6 of being in college. Went officially more than 24 hours of no sleep and then took a xanax tab right as I started having a panic attack and psychosis bout over not getting sleep and feeling overly tired. funny cause the 5mg dropped of melatonin I took didn’t help at all either. Idk if i’m psyching myself out, if it’s just hard adapting to being on my own, if it’s hard sharing a space. Idk it’s so weird and idk what to do

Transient Insomnia.


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  • CozyVibez


    My psych NP prescribed me Atarax 25-50mg as needed when I was experiencing similar insomnia. She told me that it tends to help insomniacs whose problem is anxiety, and it's sedating effects tend to not become tolerant by the user, unlike Benadryl. Do you take an SSRI or SNRI?

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