I don’t know how to be okay completely alone. I live with my ex and I really want to leave and get my own place but for a lot of reasons that is hard, I don’t drive, I don’t have a regular steady job (dog sitting) and I have 4 pets. Also he’s the only person I talk to I don’t have any friends and don’t really have any family. I go out of my mind being completely alone but I also have such a hard time staying here because he always tries to get back together with me but then hurts me and I feel like it’s for the best that I distance myself from him but he’s the only human interaction I have. And I’ve tried reconnecting with old friends but they never want to. I have absolutely no one right now and I feel like it may cause me to hurt myself.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • BumbleBean


    ❤️ sending love. Tomorrow I move into a studio alone for the first time and I'm scared.

  • esh


    There are apps that are specifically for finding new friends in your area :) I’ve used bumble BFF but there are a lot of other ones! You would have a good chance of finding someone in a similar situation I bet. You could even try and find roommates! Hope this helps xx

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