I want to change my appearance but it's hard because I'm a leftist and also dress in very masculine clothes. I want to dress more of what you'd think if you'd see a conservative/republican woman. I don't want people to assume I'm a republican because of how I dress and look. I want the feminine southern type of look. I'm from the south so it won't look out of place where I live but I'm scared that I'll be treated differently. I don't want to make friends with people I thought I could trust but then turns out we're just fundamentally different. It starts arguments and I don't want that. I want to be able to express myself how I want but I also recognize that it might draw unwanted attention. I'm also queer so that might be difficult navigating dating life and also it's just not often you see a They/She queer cowgirl (cow they? cowperson? lol)

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  • Lin92


    I don't see how political views have anything to do with how you dress/present yourself. Just be you. You have no way of knowing what people are thinking, so why waste your time worrying about it, ya know? Just be unapologetically you! 😋

    • Ziggy_B


      Thanks! I just think it makes people assume things and I don't want issues with "tricking" people or "pretending" to be someone I'm not.

  • hugkenzie


    i understand. i change my appearance very regularly based on gender / mental health / general interests. i don’t like looking overly masculine but i do dress more androgynously most days. i have been trying to tap into my feminine side because it made me very uncomfortable to wear skirts and dresses based on gender identity for a very long time even though i like them. i’m starting to understand that correlation between identity and appearance is a load of bs and it’s completely up to you. whoever interprets you based on your presentation isn’t what matters. what matters is your feelings.

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