So I'm a musical performer with bipolar 2. I had a "friend" that I know irl that is also a musician for a few years. He totally, without me asking, critiqued my work to my face. Like harsh and uncalled for. He basically told me that I can't sing, I'm not singing the melody lines right, ect. I am a trained classical and musical theatre singer/performer. I was shocked and blind sided. I told him I actually do practice daily and don't always sing melody as written but sing harmony and improv. I also gave been depressed for several months B 4 him and weeks before I got more harsh criticism from another singer friend. Which hurt and the things they tell me isn't true. I felt after the second time like I'm a fool to believe in myself and maybe I'm not any good after all. 😢 My family never encouraged me or supported my interest and pursuit of music and the arts. I had to do it all on my own. I'm trying to distance myself and keep fighting for my dreams.

Bipolar 2 disorder


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