so I've been repeatedly informed that it's only abuse if ur being punched, if ur being hit it doesn't count so if they r hitting u or repeatedly slamming their legs on u hurting u and u hit them back then that counts and ur the bad guy. so after repeatedly telling him to stop for days I finally hit his arm which counted when it doesn't count unless he punches me but I'm the bad guy for hitting him and for him leaving after he's been drinking. to make it worse my 4yr old sees all this and I'm chewed out for standing up for myself they don't see they r showing her it's ok for a woman to get hit as long as she's not punched. she's just turned 4 and I'm having to get her tested for autism. how can they want a lil girl thinking this is ok?
there maybe ppl on here asking y don't I leave at this point cause if I leave or cops get involved either way they will make me look like the bad guy and take my daughter. my daughter clings to me to the point she even thinks I left her she will have a full blown melt down.
it's sad but I'm staying miserable just so I can make sure nothing takes me from her.
I'll die before I let anything separate us and I actually fear it may one day come to that.


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