Does anyone else feel like they have learning trauma? I was going through some tough family situations in elementary school on top of having undiagnosed ADHD. I was made fun of in school and convinced myself I was stupid. I’m 21 now but I still feel like I missed out on a lot of basic education and I panic if I’m asked an academic question or take a test. I’m on ADHD meds now which really helps but idk it just feels like I’m not able to absorb information like other people. I really want to learn how to study properly and mind a method that works for me

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Lys_H


    I'm 23 now. I relate to this 100% 😥

  • Bernie7


    Yes oh my goodness. I was late DXed as well and I still have trouble with multiplication & math and stuff because I was placed in advanced classes as a child :(

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