how do you manage executive dysfunction?


Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Dystonia


    I find that picking just one task helps, even if it's something seemingly small. My brain gets so overwhelmed if I feel like I have to do a lot in a day, especially since making lists and chore charts don't help me 😂

  • girlinterrupted


    i do a lot of counting backwards from ten or up to three 😭 but that sometimes doesn't work. usually i just have a moment where i surprise my brain and go F IT and just hop up and do something really quickly. another thing that helps when it comes to stuff like cleaning, for example, is this: instead of thinking "i am going to clean today", think "I am cleaning right now" i dont know why that mindset switch works, maybe getting rid of some transition anxiety? anywho

  • goblinfoot666


    I don't think there's any quick fix to managing it. It's more like trial and error. Finding what motivates you and what doesn't is hard, but everyone has something that works. Mine (atm) include imminent demise or destruction, caring for pets, being outside, and getting paid. But they can switch around on you all the time. So you have to adapt to the fluidity of it and follow the dopamine. That and going to an ADHD coach or taking meds. But I feel the most content when I follow my dopamine trail.

  • Katty


    I do what I can when my brain will allow me. So sometimes it’s in the wrong order. I also try to do everything the day before it is due so if I’m “late” it’s still not late. Also having a routine for when I do work helps.

  • rosieee


    idk if it’s necessarily executive dysfunction but i have a tough time initiating tasks and i’ve found a lot of success in breaking it down. for instance in the morning getting out of bed to go wash my face and brush my teeth feels super difficult so instead I just tell myself to sit up and then stand up and when i make those tiny steps it seems a lot easier

  • wildflower440


    I use different techniques involving lists. I’ll make a general list of things I NEED to get done and WANT to get done (no particular order) I do my best and am satisfied if half the list is complete. I’ll finish the rest the next day. Otherwise I write a list of things I NEED to get done THAT DAY and force myself to complete the list in the order I wrote it. I don’t focus on writing things in any specific order, however it comes out I do it. Meds have also helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I am able to do so much more and it has changed my life. Vyvanse has been a life saver

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