I was wondering if anyone was on Caplyta and it working well for you versus Vraylar? I use to take Vraylar years ago and i was on the highest dose and couldn’t go any higher than that. I unfortunately had to switch meds because it wasn’t working for me anymore. Last November, I ended up on Caplyta. Fast-forward to today and it hasn’t done anything for me. Back on Vraylar, the high dose, and already I’m starting to get back to my normal!

What works for you?


Bipolar Disorder

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  • cyndi73



  • mynewfriend


    I haven't tried either but I've had experiences when a medication that had stopped working for me/didn't work years before was more effect given a second try. Lithium, for example.

  • LadyKarma


    That’s a relief. I can feel the Vraylar kicking in and finally helping me out like it did a few years ago and I just hope it sticks this time.

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