I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, but I have tried several SSRI's and they made my symptoms far worse even 3-4 weeks later. What have you done or tried aside from SSRI medications that have helped?


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  • CaesarZeppli


    HOLY CRAP I TOOK ONE OF THOSE AND MY SUICIDAL THOUGHTS INCREASED SO BAD WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF TAKING IT!! my doctor switched me to a whole different medication, bupropion (specifically Wellbutrin for me!) and it helped so much! without medication i would have a suicidal thought on average every 17 hours but with Wellbutrin i don’t have any at all. with the SSRI medication i had suicidal thoughts every 2 hours on average. totally recommend switching!

  • Chie


    Abilify and rameron together at night time helped me.

  • oceanSnow


    ive struggled with severe depression and anxiety and ive also tried almost every ssri with no luck. going along with what Caesar said, i tried Wellbutrin a year or so ago and it was the only medication i've been prescribed that actually seemed to help!! for other reasons i stopped taking it, but i probably shouldnt have. I'm currently self medicating with adderall (as in not prescribed) and its had the best anti-depressant effects on me, more than actual antidepressants. i feel like i can actually function! i dont go home and lay on the floor for hours, i actually have energy after work because it lasts all day. it also practically cures my lack of motivation and my social anxiety as well. im a very shy and reserved person and usually when i try to talk to people, i completely blank out and cant talk. if i take the adderall i can have a normal human conversation🙌 the only thing is like i said i do not have a RX for it and you can easily build a tolerance, so i don't take it every day. sometimes i will still feel the effects of it the next day though! I have found that "uppers" work best for my depression, maybe that's something you could also look into!❤️

    • Chari


      I haven't tried Adderall before, and I do also have ADHD so it's possible this might help! Thank you so much for the long answer 💕

  • DrowningQueen21


    I've been doing good on abilify

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