I'm seeing a new psychiatrist and was asking for all of my previous diagnosis to compare to his evaluation. I texted my mom during the appointment to make sure as I've never been to a psychiatrist as an adult and she mentions aspergers. I was never told this and I got so upset. I struggled what feels my whole life because of lack of better words being just a bit off and unusual. Now and when I was younger I thought there is no way it should be this hard to do things that most people it seems to be so much easier. My mom worked for kids with developmental disabilities so I was exposed to autism among other disabilities alot in my life and my brother has disabilities. I feel stupid for not realizing or even considering the possibility. I'm happier because instead of trying so hard to mask everything I'm learning that it's ok to do things differently and comfort myself in ways that might seem weird. I wish she told me sooner.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • SammyW


    This is very similar to what happened to me. My mother randomly brought up that she thought I might be autistic. I'm 21 so that was a shock and after bringing it up to my psychiatrist I got diagnosed. I'm glad you feel better now

  • differentnotless


    I can relate this since getting diagnosed is sometimes difficult. When I went to a psychiatrist, they misdiagnosed me. It seems to happen a lot with people with autism, as well. Masking makes it difficult to know if you have it or not sometimes. When I first was told I might have Aspergers, I remember I was shocked and in denial at first because I never expected it. However, it also came with relief. It's okay you are different. Everything makes a lot more since, now. It explained everything and why I struggle in the areas I do. It is good to know there are many people who went through the same process.

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