what are your tips and tricks for grounding yourself when you start to dissociate?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • YaYa631908



  • aeching


    Getting up and doing something with my hands and focusing on the way everything feels

  • seaborn


    Coloring and crafting

  • WildQveen


    Following this because I've been disassociating more than normal the past few weeks

  • Smoky_Fred


    I have some go-to music and youtube videos, you should use something that takes you to your happy place and distracts you from your spiraling thoughts. Be well!

  • slothlover


    I use music, the 5-4-3-2-1 rule, and sometimes I'll pull out textured things like a soft blanket or I will run my hands over my diamond paintings if I'm home since I like the bumpy texture. If none of those work, I'll use my weighted blankets to help add pressure and keep me grounded. I will also color or watch youtube videos that I find comforting and relaxing.

  • Fiesty


    Like everyone else has said, just finding things that make you feel present. Things that cause pressure, things with different textures, things that make you have to think, things that are comforting. I like food (making it and eating it) so I'll find some random recipe and make some crazy food. Also being around other people can help, if you're a people person, and if your people understand and are helpful.

  • Dracaryssa


    Think 5 senses. Focus on a sound, texture, smell, taste, or something you see in front of you. Better yet, have a set of comforting sensations/experiences memorized in your head so you can mentally revisit them when you need to ground yourself.

  • z0mbunii


    I do breathing exercises and guided meditation. For the mediation, I found short ones (like 10 minutes) and save the ones I like to a playlist. I like the self-love ones and ones called "body scans" Hope you are well 💕

  • NeverLeaf


    I sit somewhere quiet and safe where I know nobody is going to barge in, and I hold/wear something that has a lot of sentimental value and think about my favorite things. Sometimes if that doesn't work I just ask for a hug from my sister because I know she won't ask questions and I feel comfortable enough to ask her.

  • ALT_95


    Any kind of sensory object usually helps me. Fidget toys are great for this actually. I always have a "sensory kit" in my bag when I go out. Tiny fidgets, play dough, weighted objects, squishies, gum, mints, and essential oils. These things are also great for anxiety.

  • jb13087


    We're still working on this one actually but what we've been doing is if we know a kid always trying to find will do something like adulting that way they kiddo cannot come out because they don't like the adult stuff and if not that we will try to find music that keeps us here or we will pet our cat and the cat helps us to stay here too

  • jb13087


    But the hardest thing for us is we're also trans so a lot of times when we dissociate we're dissociating because of what we're seeing in the mirror or because of what we're seeing when we have to take our showers

  • Lis


    I listen to my favorite music and sing as much as I want.

  • JayBird


    Remember what you’re doing, and start touching physical objects. Remind yourself that you, like that object, are physical and in the now. Not in the airy, dreamless, and always distant future.

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