Hello. I just found out last year that I have bipolar disorder so I'm fairly new to it. I've done research on the basic stuff about it but does anyone have any advice of how to handle it or have more experience living with it? Anything helps!

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • Mightymouse


    I wish I knew how to handle it too. My best advice is just seeking help. My number one lately has been making sure I have resources when I’m feeling low like calling a hotline, a friend, or having the hospital or police phone number handy

  • Ms.Lumia702


    I find it really helpful to track my moods because I was able to recognize some of my patterns and triggers. I was able to use that info to improve my self regulation - for example, I found that consistent exercise helps to stabilize my mood. I also realized that if I lie down for several hours even when I'm manic (even if I can't actually sleep) the rest helps me. Being aware of my patterns helps me feel less out of control.

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