I have been struggling with losing weight, even after 2 bariatric surgeries. I went off the birth control about 2 months ago thinking that could help. What has your weight loss journey looked like? What has helped you with it?


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Dsosa


    I trying inositol it help me lose weight TMI the more you go the better it for body I had to realize that after 30 something years old That if you're metabolism it's not fast enough that's what creates all the problems in your body

  • Yveltal


    Metformin helped me lose weight. Before i was on it i was 165 pounds (I’m only 5’ 3”) working out sometimes twice a day and eating clean/low carb and the weight would not budge. Once I started metformin the weight started coming off. I’m now a healthy 118 pounds. Also check if your thyroid is low. Good luck! Losing weight IS possible

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