So lately I've been really down, I haven't been able to sleep or bet out of bed, I'm not hungry but I'm starving, my head is full of thoughts but I don't understand a one of them, I'm losing weight but I'm lazy, and I just been in physical pain. I used to self harm but I stopped after my boyfriend talked me through everything and calmed me down and helped me stop, but he broke up with me the 15th of February, and now I have no one to talk to, he was toxic and he made me push my friends away but he helped my through some of my tough times, and now he's gone and all of those thoughts are slowly coming back. I don't know what to do. Any advice?


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  • CindyRella


    I feel that way too a lot! Allow yourself to grieve, be “lazy” (I don’t think you are), sleep, self care. Tell yourself I’m not going to judge me and give yourself permission to feel this way. Read, watch tv, play video games. If you think you are going to harm yourself, voluntarily check into a mental health facility. I’ve done this and it helped a lot. It’s ok to literally just lay there and do nothing. Sometimes we just need rest ❤️

  • CindyRella


    Also idk if you like animals but a dog 🐶 does amazing things for companionship and stress relief

  • YanyLaurel


    It also will help a lot to call an emotional support/suicide hotline. You do not need to wait until it's "bad enough". I once was relatively moderately depressed and I called and they helped me a lot because I was able to cry and then fall asleep right afterward. If you tell me what state you live in I could help you find the hotline for it.

  • 4Gage


    I feel the same way very often... I'm here if you need an ear.

  • peacebear


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