Hi, not super sure about this, but here goes nothing! I've got what feels like so much wrong with me I feel like a factory defect sometimes. My husband is great and tries, but he's this super tough military guy and as much as he tries, he just can't understand. My kids are my kids and I simply don't want them to understand even if I want them to take some things off my plate now that they are old enough to do so. I'd like a day where I can just take care of just myself without having to fight for it, you know? Not just fighting my family, but my body and mind as well. Because, if its not one is another. And, if I know myself tomorrow's weather is going to put me through the wringer and it's a therapy day to boot. I hope everyone has a decent day tomorrow! (Me included.) Goodnight, Alikes!


Schizoaffective Disorder (SZA, SZD or SAD)

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Joint pain

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  • freetobeme


    Hugs. I definitely understand the struggle.

  • Flower_Pup


    Hugs all around! I get the stress & struggle.

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