how do y'all deal/handel the vertigo?

Vertiginous Syndromes & Disorders of Vestibular System



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  • Beanbuns


    For me my big helpers are drinking a TON of water, laying down on my side (laying on my back makes me MORE dizzy), dimming the lights, not moving my head too fast, and just taking making myself as comfortable as possible. I also try massaging the back of my neck, especially hitting pressure points, and also trying “the Epley maneuver.” Look up the details of how to do this if you wanna learn more. Supposedly, you’ll know right away if this works or not. I know vertigo is tough, but if you’re like me and the vertigo lasts a whole day, making myself comfortable is the most important thing.

  • Jcm13


    My doctor said take meclazine (it’s like very strong Dramamine) and Valium if it’s really bad. You can buy meclazine otc. It does help. Lay on your side. Dark cool room that’s quiet helps too. Anti-nauseous drugs help, Benadry will help that. You can find instructions for the epley online. I always have to do it more than once. If doing it 5 times doesn’t help go to the ER.

  • kirstin


    Honestly when i get sick I can't do anything but sleep. Cold rags, dark room, and laying on whatever side feels like it's spinning just a little less, sometimes laying on my back is better.

  • nicoleana


    I'm already doing this but it seems like nothing helps

  • Pantalons


    Have you tried therapy it’s called VRT it reteaches the brain what is right and wrong. I am doing it and it has helped a lot. Also get a proper diagnosis of what is causing it. I have a left ear issue plus very slight BPPV eply maneuver didn’t show anything but the VNG machine test did prove I had some BPPV. But also there is a doc knows as doctor Madison oak aka vertigo doctor she has a great program I do everything possible to get back to normal.

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