how do I properly move on from the past?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Annie24


    Ive found that it’s best to face it, talk about it with trusted people, journal about it. Forgive yourself. Find ways to love yourself. I also enjoy mantras/affirmations to think more positively and clearly.

    • Lindsaylove00


      Absolutely! That's what you should do I am a 4 year psychology student and from what I've learned is you must talk and confront your feelings and emotions, to truly understand it. ❤️my heart goes out to you

  • GoodLuckCharlie


    If you figure it out, let me know.🙃 Good luck and much love!❤️

  • katitomato


    The more you talk through it, the more you will come to peace with the past. Let yourself feel everything along the way. It’s okay to be sad and just let yourself cry for a while! Also, remember that forgiveness doesn’t mean you condone what the other person did or that things will go back to how they were before; it just means you’re able to live your life without the burden of the past on your shoulders. So striving for forgiveness is great too, including towards yourself! Also positive affirmations and gratitude work for a lot of people I’ve met, so I would say to give those a try too 🤗

  • roadrage


    It's easy 4 some and hard 4 others. I'd like 2 know myself

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