I am currently 11 months unmedicated & have had only 1 episode. proud, but also a bit apprehensive about the future. Any thoughts or opinions appreciated 💚💜💚

Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • LonelyInKC


    Were you able to take care of yourself during the episode?

    • Raynbowbryte


      just got very paranoid & major hallucinations but I talked myself through it & after a long while everything faded & was back 2 normal

      • LonelyInKC


        Wow. Most people (myself included) don’t know they’re going through an episode until after it ends, and by then they’ve wreaked so much havoc and are drowning in self loathing and regret. Kudos to you for realizing what was going on and taking steps to make sure you and others were safe

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