I've hit a low with my depression, does anyone know any outlets that will help me get back up?


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  • Duckyqueen123


    I use art, music, drinking water, showering, etc... ☺️

  • Ellaa00


    Make a nice pretty journal!

  • ChristineD


    Therapy, music and tv.

  • Hobgoblin


    Its a 50/50 but I've found shrooms or lsd to help if in the right environment around the right person / people. Tripping in nature with a best friend has helped me with a lot in some low areas in my life, but it really depends on if you have any other illnesses or what Kind of depressed you are. Just sitting in nature on its own really helps too just to ground yourself and remember there's beauty in the world worth seeing. Doesn't fix anything, but it's nice remembering there's good moments in life

  • mugs


    What I do is try and make people smile.

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