On this day 9 years ago, my grandfather died(I was 10) sure at first I was sad but as I got older I noticed I'd be less sad because I felt like I didn't deserve it due to not knowing or remembering him very well. We saw each other a decent amount when he was alive but I dont remember most of those times. There's times when I feel that I don't deserve to feel sad on this day because if how little I know/remember him.

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  • figglebottom


    you could always ask family to tell you some stories about him

  • mackback319


    my grandma died when i was 9, i feel the same way sometimes but recently my mom showed me pictures of her (real physical ones)

  • lilac_insomniac


    there no such thing as “deserving” to feel sad because all of the emotions you feel are valid! So if you feel sad about it, allow yourself to feel sad. You don’t need to “earn” mourning him. I’m sure he’d be happy he has a grandchild who still cares for him like this even after he’s gone❤️

  • InsidiousAnomaly


    I feel like im more sad now as an adult, as I have no memories of my grandfather on my dads side. He passed in late 90's when I was 5-7 yrs old. I mainly saw him as a baby/toddler. My dads parents live in Europe, but we are in the USA. My grandma is still alive but still in Europe with the rest of my dads fam. I wish he didn't die so young, my dad has now lived passed the age his dad died now.

  • KillibigWilli


    Its okay to mourn. Its okay to cry. It's better to cry for the dead than it is to deny yourself emotions.

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