It took me 11 years to finally leave the house and start my life. Agoraphobia was rough. I had to live every day as if it was in a loop. Any changes, such as a loss of life, would devastate me. I couldn't walk past my driveway without feeling like I'd be shot. I finally got out of it though. One day I just got sick of it. Sick of the stress of worrying. I was terrified of dying. But I finally realized that my family is growing older, I'm growing older. My room couldn't be my world anymore. I have this new idea in my head that I've been carrying around since I've gotten out... my world was in my head. Like I'm carrying it with me at all times. Its my memories. Its what I lived off of when I was alone. Never made new memories, I only thought of the old. My childhood. This world has lots to explore, tons to offer. Make new memories. Make this world yours. You can do it. Trust me, 11 years was a long time. I'm starting my life now. I'm going to travel and fly. I'm actually going to college right now. I have a car, heck I even drive now. I did all this within a couple years. Theres so much more to do. I even want to start my own family. Its never too late, you got this!


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  • B98


    I needed this!!!! I would love to connect with you more!!

    • Sudol


      Ofcourse! If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me!

  • Agoraphoby3



  • Stacy343



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