today I had to work. I work in a public space. and when I get nervous I start to shake and my vision goes blurry is there any way that I can try and prevent that from happening?

Social Anxiety

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  • Liahra


    I never found a way to prevent it but I do walk out when it does, I luckily have a very caring boss. Drinking water I have found calms me down.

  • jannyoung02


    There is not a good was to prevent it bc It will happen but to help try putting plain salt on your toung to shock your system and reset

  • alexanders


    remember to take breaks, and inform your boss and coworkers (if you can) or the best way you can about your anxiety. i managed to get a job where im not really around people, but i used to have one like yours and i know where you’re coming from. take a break in a secluded area where you can get some fresh air and water, and try and break until you’re calm enough to go back out there! just remember not to freak out in front of customers though, that happened to me once, but if you’re feeling like that, just walk out and catch your breath.

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