how do clean a depression room?


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  • ina


    give yourself small tasks like cleaning one corner of a room, picking up clothes, putting dishes away. listen to music/podcasts, have tv on in the background, or have a youtube video on your phone in your hand. even if it makes the process twice as long it's better than not doing it at all

  • PhotonMike


    I second doing small tasks with something else in the background. Sometimes I just do one thing (like move one piece of paper or fold one article of clothing). Break down tasks as small as possible and celebrate your progress.

  • spaefaery


    sometimes i’ll look at it as a sorting game. just start by putting all similar objects together, even if that’s not where they go, to visually organize them first. for ex. it may be too difficult to collect dishes, bring them to the kitchen, and wash them, but you can give yourself points for just gathering them all into one spot.

    • Shamrock1916


      this advice I have been doing and it's helped alot. I have been needing my apartment maintenance to come in for awhile but was afraid to get dinged for a violation for my depression room

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