This disease is the worst. the one under my right arm never goes away. had surgery so the one i had under my left arm is gone... but it is ugly. There's the one under my boob lets not forget the ones in my groin. Lose weight they say i try to do that bit can't exercise. Wish it would just go away!!!!

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

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  • NoMoreGoogleResearch


    The ones under the arm are the worst especially when the same ones we reoccurring I can’t even put my arm down at times I tried the Epson salt and over the counter medication called boil ease it’s only a temporary fix I need to get rid of this the pain is excruciating

    • Dimples52


      Humira works good

  • Dimples52



  • CarlaPA


    Hi ! I have lived with this condition for 21 yrs. I have had them under the breast which resolved after a breast reduction and in the groin area. No starting behind my ears! No medication ever cured. I use antibiotic ointment for anything that is flared and oral antibiotic if really inflamed and not draining. I live in PA and have applied for clinical trials but never accepted to do so to date. My lesions are stage 4 with tracts and scaring. I have consulted with dermatologist and was told skin grafting was the only treatment and not guaranteed. I've consulted infectious disease and treated with antibiotics when infected but it's not an infectious condition primary. I havevused hibicleanse as a wash and that keeps them from flaring but very expensive. As of late no flares, but stress definitely affects their state. Any input or BDP are appreciated. Thanks in advance ☺️

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