I smoke weed to help my joint pain not be so bad. It also helps me process a lot of my trauma and actually feel my feelings instead of being disconnected. Most of my friends are understanding, but I have one friend that like... makes these jokes that are kind of harsh about it? and i feel like this friend just judges me for being a daily smoker. It just sucks because it helps me get out of bed and function instead of having executive dysfunction as well as making me less irritable... just overall it's helped me become more confident and figure myself out more. like it's helped me find the space and peace to find another college major I'm passionate about since the development of whatever illness I have going on stopped me from doing nursing,, it just sucks because I'm using it to help me, but they try to put me down for it

executive dysfunction


Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Joint pain

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  • otherworldlysage


    I’ve had friends like this before and it’s really sucky to have your well-being and stuff made into a joke. Have you tried talking to them abt it? It sounds like this person isn’t being a good friend. Especially if you’ve made it clear those jokes make you uncomfortable/hurt your feelings. <3

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