does anyone ever have like, a normal day, not great, not bad, but at a random point in the day, it's like all your energy drains away? its like this period of time where you feel numb and tired but not tired enough to fall asleep, and the only emotion you can identify is sadness? i started experiencing these moments recently and never really had them happen before. my boyfriend tries to help but i dont know why im sad or feel this way so i cant even tell him


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  • EmbalmerWithAnxiety


    Yes. It’s like a complete loss of emotion. It’s the weirdest thing ever. I hate it, because all my coworkers think I’m annoyed or upset with them. It always always always happens around 1 o’clock for me for some reason.

  • gracegrace


    yea this always happens to me after a shift at work. it almost feels like i'm unmasking at the end of the day and i'm able to actually enjoy my time, but then that feeling comes and makes it unenjoyable. ): my partner and i try to do our same routine to help me get back into my own head or maybe they'll try to cheer me up, usually i just do art or scroll through tiktok! it's a good distraction or background noise.

  • KikiKiss


    I get those also just zero warning it's a weird feeling but it's not horrible either and honestly I just role with it and assume it's my body saying you've been experiencing so many feelings at once all the time it's just needs to shut down for a bit so I do, I lay in bed and listen to music, read a book, play a movie In the background or just take a walk

  • dannyimprego


    i wish i could help but i get the exact same way. it’s been happening to me for awhile now and i haven’t found a way to stop it. i found that caffeine suppresses the tired and numb feeling, but fuels the anxiety like crazy so i stopped with that

  • KrisDaGremlin


    Yes I hate when this happens because I'll be so happy for the first few hours of my classes then I get hit with just a sudden urge to cry.

  • KittyKatKuo


    I call this the burnout, this comes with depression for alot of people. It's like one moment we are fine, not great but not bad so we are functioning then boom it hits from left field. We suddenly feel overstimulated or overwhelmed with sadness or numbness just like someone hit a kill switch without warning. Sometimes it's like a feeling of shock as you didn't see it coming, what the hell just happened. But at the same time you feel unable to vocalise what your feeling especially to loved ones near you that pick up on it. If you dont understand it how can you explain it to them? Then you see them feel hopeless and just want to help and now it's making you feel worse or guilty on top of everything. What I find helpful is talking with those that want to help about the struggles of the "kill switch" and who when I'm there I can't explain very well and alot of times go nonverbal because the feelings are that overwhelming. I find alot of things can help: if you are with your partner have them snuggle you (neither of you have to talk and if your not forced to talk it is a bit more easy for this), if you like them playing with your hair let them. If you dont want to be touched: listen to some favorite music while relaxing, darken a room and just exist for awhile, no stress or expectations. You can shower or soak in a tub while listening to a audio book or music. You can lay down and just breathe for awhile. You can call a friend to stay in call with you, you can go cry and/or talk to yourself or pretend someone is there and express yourself. Watch that TV show you've been putting off or your favorite movies. Let yourself know it's okay to be this way and your brain can only function so far. It can be that much worse when out in public or in school etc as you can't escape or really step out. I use to go to the bathroom to cry or just take a breather reminding myself my room will be waiting for my retreat. I use to decorate my ceiling with glowing stars, sayings I liked, music verses, pictures that sparked different emotions. Sometimes it's just nice to let yourself exist in these moments and validate yourself.

  • jamie_whisman


    this happens to me almost daily. glad i can finally talk to someone about it.

  • WallyWasTaken2


    Yes!! It's the spoon theory. You're running out of spoons. There's this weird concept that the spoon theory only gets to apply to people with physical disabilities, but that just isn't true at all. Emotional energy is a thing too, and things like depression & anxiety can have a huge impact on how many spoons you get for a day or what tasks will take more than others. Categorizing things into how many spoons it'll cost you during that day can really start to help you feel like your mental and emotional energy lasts longer, and you aren't drained by the middle of the day. Learning your boundaries takes practice and time and patience, and it sucks, but I hope you're able to understand them quickly so you can get through the days a little easier and a little less tired 🥺

  • bomb


    yeah this happens around four pm for me everyday

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