I have a really hard time holding back physical anger. if someone says something smart-ass I on instinct punch them in the arm (only if I know them well enough). when I get tickled, I get violent. last time I was getting tickled I had to wrestle and he ended up with a nose bleed...I still hate myself for it. does anyone have any tips on calming down instantly while being irritated? I can't fully love myself knowing that I'm a bully to those I love.

Chronic Irritability and Anger

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  • Dia24601


    I struggle managing my anger because I've never taken the initiative to manage it. I have been physical with my boyfriend on a few occasions. It makes me feel dirty, like there's blood on my hands that I can't wash. He told me he wants to focus on the positives and the healing. It's so easy to get caught up in the moment. All I can do is accept that I can't undo my actions, and focus on making me happy, not others forgiveness.

  • Harley.Q


    I used to be the same way all the time but my whole life I never got to let my anger out so after a while I'd blow up at the worst times I used to hold my breath and bite my tongue ring least till I broke a piece of my tooth off.... but recently I've learned to breathe through my anger and just try and walk away to a quite place and just allow yourself to calm down and when things are getting heated or overly playful to the point of anger just speak out and say to the people your around that things are causing you to get angry or aggressive and let them know you gotta calm down first, also tell them before things get to that point that you are having problems with your anger and aggressiveness and they need to understand that your trying to do better at calming yourself down so if you walk off for whatever reason that all your doing is trying to calm and balance yourself out... hopefully that helps

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