does anyone have any advice to help me with my anxiety? it's really bad...

Social Anxiety

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  • cielonu


    I had a panic attack yesterday on the train due to social anxiety. I didn't know what to do. My boyfriend put his headphones in my ears and put some music on. Maybe, along with grounding breaths, you can listen to music and reeeeeally focus on the music. I hope this helps? I'm still struggling with this, but I know it helped a lot yesterday.

  • tira


    ok i’m not sure if this is helpful but one thing i do is basically repeat “no one is judging me; no one is looking at me bc they r too busy focused on themselves.” eg : when i’m walking down a crowded hallway, i just repeat that in my head n i’m not as self-conscious ab the way i walk. i think it’s helpful to adopt that mentality — that ppl really don’t care. like can u name a specific embarrassing situation ab someone else ? unless it was super significant, most likely not (eg : after class presentations, i can only remember mine n literally no one else’s). ppl r too busy focused on what they’re doing to care ab what ur doing

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