Hi, all again. After numerous trials and tribulation my girlfriend and I moved into our new place. I wanted to pull my hair out because of all the pressure and stress. Problem is the move has pretty much has almost tapped me out of almost every dime I have.

You know... deposits to get things turned on. Trying to get someone to move us. Trying to replace the things we lost when my husband passed and we lost our apartments. If you've followed our story you'll know what I mean.

We picked up things we needed. Our older male friend (Acts like a darn narcissist and pushy father.) was the one who took us to Walmart to get the items. We got him gas as a thank you for all he has done for us recently for us.

We don't live anywhere close to Walmart and can't drive due to medical issues. So when we went, we had a list of what we knew we needed. But our older friend pushed our cart around and told us what he thought we needed. He got really nasty and told us we didn't need half of our list.

I'm sorry but yes, we DO need a plunger and shower curtain. We both wanted to strangle him by the end of the whole ordeal. I'm a 33 year old individual who knows what they are doing. I have a highly intelligent girlfriend who knows what she's doing too.

So when his younger brother got onto us about putting a sweater on our very elderly one eyed, with torn ears, and a badly healed broken tail cat... (His name is Sargeant and he's a rescue.) it took all I had not to lose my shit. I had to step into the restroom and calm down a bit.

Our elderly trots around fine with the sweater, he has severe arthritis. He hurts when he slightly gets cold. He's a mellow cat the pretty much is a furry bump on a log. Aka...he's elderly and sleeps a lot. So he isn't being abused in any such manner.

His younger brother did NOT have to be that disrespectful, he acted like a child about it! He sat there telling us how to take care of our cat! He had no right to talk us, neither brother does! Sarge, our cat was not being abused. That cat was not being hurt! Sarge was fine and takes it like a trooper! He's fine with our dog too! If either brother wants to start anything over what we buy or sweaters. Then they can bit me.

I gave them sweaters for their dogs because they got cold outside during winter easily. They threw them out in their garage months ago and didn't realize they even had them! They forgot about them! I asked for a couple of them back for our dog because they weren't using them. I didn't want them all back. They haven't even tried them on the their dog's apparently!

Go figure... people take advantage of me then judge me when I make personal decisions.

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