How do you cope when your obsessions/compulsions are linked to physical self destruction?

I constantly lick my lips/teeth which has led to my tongue being sore and HAVING sores. I obsess over mentally comparing my life with my best friend's (she's extremely beautiful and charismatic). I pick at my skin and body hairs constantly.

I'm sure it's related to my depression, anxiety, PTSD and body image. But for the OCD side of things, I'm not sure what to do. I've reduced the amount of time I spend on social media as a start for working toward better control over how I cope with emotional discomfort. I'm hoping to get a subscription to the Calm meditation app when I can afford it. What else would you all recommend?

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  • QueenOfCrohns


    Hi there! I’ve had severe ocd my whole life so I have a bit of insight here. Get the NOCD app, not calm. Calm is very expensive and not meant for ocd. The nocd app allows you to connect to others with ocd and an ocd therapist (you get a free session then you start paying i think) but the app is free! Also ik it doesn’t feel this way but staying off of social media can be an avoidance compulsion in and of itself… the key is to be able to not engage in the compulsion, then sit in the emotional discomfort and accept uncertainty. It’s extremely hard to do yourself though/if not almost impossible. That’s why ERP therapy with a trained specialist is key! Without that, your ocd will never get better. I know it’s hard to find help, but it’s out there and you deserve to get better! Best of luck!

  • mayo


    Hey, I also struggle with biting my lips/inside of cheek/fingernails to the point of bleeding and bruising. I haven’t entirely figured out how to deal with it yet, but i found that having something else in my mouth helps. Such as chewing gum or some sort of hard candy/mints. Not sure if that will help you but it’s worth a try! Also, Calm isn’t the best app (for me at least). For what you’re paying it doesn’t help as much as it should. Instead I’ve found some good meditations on Youtube and also Amazon Prime. And there is an app called “7 cups” where you can talk to people (kind of like a therapist) but it’s free and you can find people who relate to your problems.

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