I've been having an increase in migraines lately. I live in the Midwest and our weather has been crazy! It's 90, then 60, then 47, then 89, then 50...ugh. Not to mention rain, then sunny, humid, then not. The migraines have been unbearable (almost went to the ER yesterday). Is anyone else having an uptake in their migraines? If so, what have you done that has helped? I'm taking my medication, but it doesn't always work.


Migraine with aura

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  • Smartie


    Unfortunately i completely understand and have been dealing with the same thing. My migraine are really heat triggered and when meds don't help I have to stay inside with a fan away from a window. Hang in there 💕

  • lizzy.larbearsgirl


    May sound crazy but I cut my hair. Short. And if it gets past my ears. I get the migraines again. Luckily I look cute with a pixie! But that's not for everyone. So if you think you could try that... Maybe ask your Dr first. Well any suggestions you should anyway.

  • Beth2022


    Change in the weather can be a big trigger

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