what are ways to cope or with or medication that works for you. I've started taking Ativan

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • CameronElizabeth


    When my brain wants to start spinning out of control, I stop and take a deep breath. Then I decide whether I have the capacity to think through my options or whether I need to take a break. Either way, NO SHAME ALLOWED. I have stopped bullying myself for the way my brain works. Sending you hugs. 🤗🤗

  • sleepybeepy


    I play a game I really like or I look at fotos of cute baby foxes or hit my vape pen lolol

  • KittyMew


    I just started Vyvanse. It works great while I'm at work or need to focus on something but, once it wears off I turn into a "zombie". I'm only on 20mg and have a follow up with my doctor at the end of the month so.....

  • gangrene


    I take adderall and I love it. I'm only on 5mg twice a day but it helps me a lot.

  • mitskifan


    adderall worked for me at first and it’s definitely a good option since you have ADHD, but only if your ADHD symptoms are your main concern and are making your life more difficult because Adderall should be taken seriously. personally I’m also bipolar so it triggered a hypomanic episode after a while and I switched to Abilify. if you have a mood disorder as well Abilify is really great because it can improve your thinking and concentration as well as your mood.

  • sparkle.serotonin


    Because of my other stuff my psychiatrist didn't want me on stimulant meds, so I'm on cymbalta and wellbutrin as off label treatments. They're not life changing, but they do help

  • AnimalBoy


    The stimulates I was on helped but they had side effects that got in the way just as much as my ADHD and non stimulants dont seem to work on me at all. My current coping mechanism is using tasks or specific times as markers for when I need to switch to a different task and using a number of stims to focus on them, I figure it might be a bit more manageable if I were physically abled. I definitely need to change some stuff but it works temporarily in the mean time.

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