it truly sucks having bpd. there is no medicine, no magical cure, only behavioral therapy that not many people know how to do and few people who have access to it. I have episodes where I can become sociopathic, then psychotic, manic, depressive, etc. I can be the most dangerous individual then I'm the sweetest guy. it's scary. and you never know which you'll get or what triggers them.


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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Greenery


    Exactly, same way with me. Throughout my school years I was considered to be some kind of monster because my mood would switch from being normal to some kind of manic high. It can't just be cured, it can only be taught to dealt and try to live with

  • tswift


    for me personally, my depressive episodes were the ones which i did the worst things- typically manic behavior. i was lucky enough to have a psychiatrist who does ketamine assisted therapy which literally ended my depression. with that out of the way, i'm much less irritable and impulsive. highly recommend

  • BeautyWithin


    I know what you mean it sucks so bad they say DBT is supposed to be very helpful but I don’t know about that it’s so hard to talk about your trauma one of my family members works very close with DBT and I just can’t get myself to do it it’s like open up a wound you know what I mean It’s hard for me to even go to therapy because it’s like after I do therapy I am extremely depressed so hard to even talk about a lot of my trauma

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