I had a migraine hit on Wednesday, its Sunday, and while pain levels have reduced to a semi functional level, nothing completely getting rid of it. Has anyone else had a migraine last this long?


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  • Zebrabri


    Yes, it was triggered by my occipital neuralgia. They'd knock me for days. I started Aimovig and now if they hit its only a day at most.

  • Neomi


    Yes!! I had migraines that lasted for 3-4 days- especially in the days before my period. If you can, try to take a day off and just relax at home. Hope you'll feel better soon🤗

  • Butterfly


    I also had a migraine that lasted more than three days. My doctor told me it's called status migrainosus. It's a migraine that lasts for more than 72 hours. He told me to use Migranal, it helped me. I hope you also find some treatment that could help you.

  • Nimbus


    Hey, my “record” was a migraine that lasted 3 days. I had to go to ER to get something to stop it.

  • Lulu10


    I went through it once and it was terrible.. I was vomiting for 3 days so ended up in the ER getting treated for dehydration and corticosteroids because none of my regular treatments were helpful. I suggest going to the ER because long lasting migraine can be dangerous

  • Quinee


    It often happened to me that my migraine attack lasted more than three days, a nightmare: / Sometimes I even had to go to the E.R where they gave me Migranol, which helps me, as well as days off from work dedicated to resting in bed in the dark …

  • Kitten


    I'm now on day 7 of this migraine. Having to force myself to get up and function because of my kids, causing me to throw up from the pain. I've gotten the pain to reduce by 50% sometimes so that I can function but this isn't going away and I can't go to the ER.

  • WorldTraveler2000


    I had moderate to severe migraines daily for 3 months in a row until they finally figured what would help me. I’m taking an Emgality shot 1x monthly. It has been a game changer for me.

  • Migrainemami


    Yes, my longest migraine was 21 days with no relief. Finally got an outpatient infusion at my neurology clinic and broke the migraine cycle

  • scuppersant


    When the ER isn’t an option for a multi-day migraine, you could try some at-home massage/trigger point work if you haven’t tried it before. A lot of migraines are caused or aggravated by muscle tension buildup around the neck, eyes, back of the head, and temples. Lots of sustained firm pressure on the spot that hurts the absolute worse will make a huge difference, even if it doesn’t make it completely go away (it’ll hurt a lot while you’re pressing, probably worse than the migraine, but do not fear, after about 30 seconds to a minute you’ll feel it magically start to alleviate!) (librarian here with lots of medical book interests, not a doctor)

  • Morticia


    I had a migraine of skull-splitting magnitude last for 2 months. Two months of dark rooms, ice packs, vomiting, weed, and prescribed medications in addition to physical therapy. My migranes are tension migranes but can be triggered by light, smells & foods. My muscles up my back all locked up to a point where I could feel muscles in my neck move by clenching an abdominal muscle; also moved my 1st & 2nd ribs up into the clavicle area. That was 5+ years ago, now it's daily assessment to see if I'm going to have a headache/migrane or not. I'm talking knock-off imitrex for rescue & muscle relaxers on the daily. Stay positive, take lots of notes to identify patterns or triggers. Just keep going and communicate with medical staff. It will get better.

  • ___


    I had a migraine that lasted for 2-3 actual days and some things held on for a whole 7 days. It was because I missed a dose of my preventative, Topamax

  • greybunny


    yes, currently on day 5 even after going to the ER and they reduced it. Some migraines are just stingy and don’t wanna go away, ice packs have helped me tho!

  • ___


    I had a migraine that lasted 3-4 days with after effects finishing the week (7 total days of symptoms). It was from missing a dose of Topamax. I luckily didn’t have lots of pain from it, but my thinking felt super slow and my vision was weird.

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