I don't know why I do this. my bf is stressed badly about life and bills, Its hard to process my own emotions let alone other peoples. I keep giving him attitude and I can't control my anger or sadness. I keep begging for his attention hoping it'll make both of us feel better and he told me "you don't always need to be under me it's annoying, we are grown adults stop acting like a child" I'm super conflicted by that comment , he said that like a week ago. and I can't stop thinking about it. I really need help getting control of my emotions.. it feels like I'm going psycho sometimes bc of my mood switches..

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • SassyPanda91


    I’m experiencing the exact same thing right now. I started seeing a guy about 6 weeks ago and I constantly want to spend time with him. But he lost his job and has been stressed and all I want is to spend time with him and make him feel better…but I think it’s pushing him away. He’s been so sweet and even stayed up all night one night to research bpd to understand me better. I’m the type that keeps thoughts and feelings in about things. He sometimes says that he might not understand affect me differently than normal people and I obsess over them on my own. He is patient with me to a point but I feel like I’m too much for him sometimes.

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