I'm not really looking for advice, I just need to vent.

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so after 7 years of being together, the sex is shit. I've tried talking to my husband about it, suggesting things I like, expressing that I'm not satisfied, and ital like he doesn't care, I know he does, and I know he wants to do more, but with his physical injuries it's just difficult. he has back and hip issues, is a bit overweight, and has severe nerve damage in a few places though out his body, so it's not like he's just being lazy, but the frustrating part is that the things he CAN do he chooses not to, I haven't had a "big O" with my husband in months, and I'm trying to do things on my part to make sure we both get there, but it's just not working. I finally got frustrated enough last time and just said "fuck it" and took a shower and went to lay down in the other room because the only time he does "extra stuff" is when I get upset, and my argument to his frustration was "it shouldn't take me getting upset for you to do that". and before anyone says it's difficult for him, it's something I know for a fact he can do without any difficulty, we've talked about it before.

I'm just tired of being a living Fleshlight, I want to actually have these experiences with my husband and mutually enjoy them, sex is very important to me and I just feel like our already limited sex life is just dead for me. he still turn me on, and I'm still very much attracted to him, I'm just frustrated.


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  • CozyVibez


    I feel for you ❤️ my boyfriend doesn't do much to thrill me either that I can't do myself, and he's not interested in giving me much pleasure in the first place. It sounds like you two need a real heart to heart. If that fails, maybe counseling? Best wishes ❤️

  • JingleP


    I can’t really talk as I’ve never been in a relationship or anything, but counseling and talking about it seriously sounds like a good idea. You deserve at least a good effort to satisfy you. I’ve never had sec but even with low libido from meds I still like to enjoy myself and toys really help. Maybe he can use some effectively despite his injuries. But the main problem sounds like him not bothering to put enough effort for you. Look out for yourself and your needs 💕

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