Hi everyone! I just started on Spironolactone 100mg for treatment of HS. I have heard that this drug can affect the menstrual cycle, has anyone experienced changes in their periods since going on spiro? If so, are you on the pill? I'd like to know of there's any sort of correlation.


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  • Spicybrain


    I haven’t had it affect my cycle when I wasn’t on hormonal birth control! I’ve also had it while having mirena IUD and now with Nexplanon and with both of those I didn’t get a period so I don’t know if spironalactone interacted with that

  • Yogi_Bear


    I’m on it and I have an IUD. My periods are longer but that could also just be my body. Everyone is different so remember that.

  • makeupqueen


    I haven’t had any trouble with it bothering my menstrual cycle, but it has bothered my stomach a bit but that’s all🤷🏼‍♀️

  • JAY789


    I’m on spironolactone for my kidneys because I’m in stage 4 kidney Failure. I never knew it could be used for hydrocephalus.

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