I just got diagnosed with bi-polar 2 and borderline personality disorder and I'm so embarrassed. Does anyone else feel this way?

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  • BethAA


    Hello! Welcome. Do t be embarrassed. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is just who you are hon. I have bipolar 2 as well. I also have ADD, anxiety, depression, PTSD...I also have a daughter that is special needs and her issues are mostly mental health related. If you need to talk I'm more than happy to listen.

  • HeatherCE


    I guess I'm embarrassed more about the bi-polar 2. Bi-polar has such a sigma about it. Thank you for responding.

    • BethAA


      I get what you are saying. It does, but that does not mean you are a bad person or anything like that. It just means you have a chemical imbalance that is causing you to react to things with really high or really low emotions. Therapy helps you learn how to control this...

  • VSM


    Yes. I have felt and still at times experience that feeling. I had to come to terms that my medical diagnosis does not define me. A medical diagnosis is out of my control I cannot fix it, but I can try to be the best version of me that I can. I hope you can come to terms with your struggles and move forward in a positive way. Best of luck.

  • ChristineD


    I totally was. But u shouldn't feel that way. It took me awhile to be ok with it.

  • nermal


    Please don't be embarrassed. I was embarrassed at first when I first learned I have Borderline but I've come to realize it's not something to be ashamed of. We are who we are and the people who love us loved us before we even learned about these disabilities. ❤️

  • NittyGritty2021


    Don't be embarrassed. It took me years to get help because my Dad was bipolar and I "didn't want to be like him." I ended up getting a bad UTI which caused delirium, and I haven't been the same since. It started memory problems, cognitive problems, panic attacks, confusion, and everything under the Sun. The panics have gradually gone away, but I have problems with basic things now so I've decided to get help. Sometimes, you have to give yourself permission to get help. I'd rather have a label and medicine that helps me vs not help and never knowing what I'm going to do each day (like how some days Idk what I'm doing it take longer to understand things). Don't worry about other people. Take care of yourself❤️

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