I've been recently diagnosed with bipolar on tops of manic anxiety and depression. I was told by my doctor u had to get BC because the risk of ne having a kid would cause them to be born with defects due to my medicine I'm 24 I want kids and I left the appointment crying. I don't believe in birth control (I know sounds crazy) I was raised on God made us able to have kids for reason he only send us what we can handle and it's frowned upon. I've been without that medicine for 3 weeks now and skipped my appointment for the implant.


Bipolar Disorder

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  • LixiKat


    What type of medicine are you on and that sounds weird for the dr to tell you that but you should take care of yourself before having a child good luck 💕

    • momma2018


      they put me on zoloft and another one I can't remember. On it I feel like q zombie and i already have two kids. Makes me not wanna do anything and I have no energy

  • Ashboo


    That is normal I have been told that as well

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