I have been recently been diagnosed with hep B. I use to be a smoker and a drinker. I have never done drugs using needles and I am not gay.

Chronic Liver Disease & Cirrhosis

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  • SkyRaven


    I have acute alcoholic hepatitis but it went away. But I do have acute hepatic failure. It happened after I quit drinking. No cirrhosis though and through steriods, my liver recovered. There are lots of ways you can get hep c.

    • Emilio22


      how long before it went away ?

  • CWMoss


    There is no vaccine for Hep C and you can have it for decades without knowing it before it is too late. Blood transfusions before 1992 caused a lot of infections in my generation. Everyone should be tested at least once in their life for Hep C. There are vaccines for Hep A and B. Get treatment and learn more about it.

  • jerrielyn


    Doing drugs or using needles isn't the only way u can get it. You can ha e intercourse with someone who has her also. When I was dx with her B I freaked out on the Dr I wanted to know how in the hell I caught something like that and I already knew I had alcoholic hepatitis, he told me that my liver was already broke down with the alcoholic her. So I was alot more susceptible to get it

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