I mostly came on here to find people who also have schizophrenia but the schizophrenia section is so dead. I don't know how to cope with the fact that no one ever takes me seriously because I have this. I don't know how to live a normal life always being paranoid.



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  • Kallina


    I feel that to I am still learning it. 😥

  • SunSalad



  • jadey


    I’d look for better company. But do you take yourself seriously, if you do, that is what the focus should be. People without the disorder don’t get taken seriously by the whims of other peoples judgment. If people fail to be receptive and teachable that has everything to do with them and they’re probably that way with everyone else in there life. The short of it is fuck em

  • fyrefly


    Hi, 👋 just joined. I’m schizoaffective with mixed mood episodes. I think this app is still new comparatively and schizophrenia it’s not one of the more common diagnoses, even within mental illness. But we are here!!

  • fyrefly


    Sometimes ya feel like The Who’s on the speck of dust

  • seatune


    i feel you

  • Belle_Jar


    Hi I have schizoaffective disorder depressive type… doesn’t seem to be very common or identifiable to others on here. Maybe because the app is new??

  • Jitters


    Retraining your conscious mind to be two steps ahead of the psychotic one is hard. Something I’ve been working years to get and still have a ways to go. Hello fellow schizo btw. Unfortunately this diagnosis means no one takes us seriously even people that love us will use that excuse sometimes. We live in a hard society for the mentally I’ll and while we’ve come a long way, asylums and lobotomies aren’t to distant past and too some degree we are still treated lesser and the same as we were back then. Hang in friend we experience hellish things that the average person couldn’t begin to stomach.

  • herzeleid334


    I feel that too 😥 😥 😥

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