after having seizures for 5 years, without knowing what they were, I'm entering a stage in my life where my condition leaves me with more questions than answers. as someone who was just diagnosed, the things I can't do are still in question. I need to be able to drive back and forth from college and work, and I need to be able to live on my own. if this is prevented because of my health, I don't know what to do. I also am enrolled in an EMT course very soon, and I can't promise that I can even pursue that because of my epilepsy.




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  • Kastie


    I didn’t have your exact situation but I went through something similar. It was so rough at the time and I get that. I found having a support system of people that love and care about you helps a ton. Also reach out to your school to find out the options they have for your situations. Don’t let this discourage you from accomplishing your dreams. xoxo

  • MissWilwarin


    The good thing is that you’ve finally got a diagnosis. Now you can focus on finding medication that works for you. I’ve had epilepsy since I was 7 and once I got on the right meds, I stopped having seizures. It went dormant for less than 2 years, but now the seizures are different along with me also having non-epileptic seizures. Only recently got re-diagnosed with epilepsy, so now I’m also on a journey of trying to see what works. Although I don’t think meds will ever get rid of my non-epileptic seizures.

  • LadyRaceCarDriver


    I'm a registered nurse and I'm diagnosed with epilepsy. Do not lose hope, yes it will be hard and you may not be able to do things everyone else can..but you can be an EMT

  • Phoebe23


    hi, i'm 20 and have had epilepsy since 13. it will get easier, you will find ways to navigate your situation. i'm on keppra and i'm able to safely drive and i'm doing well in college and about to graduate. take it day by day, appointment by appointment. talk to your neurologist about these concerns, most of them have resources/advice to give. i believe in you <3

    • signature_sauce


      i’m in the same exact situation. i couldn’t legally get my license until i was 18 because of my seizures but after all the appointments and waiting it was all worth it when i could get behind the wheel

  • offthebeatenpath


    Everyone with epilepsy is different. I'm like you in that I had it for several years before I was diagnosed. I actually had my very first seizure 10 years before my diagnosis, but it was thought to be a one time thing. Nothing happened again for about 6 years, and I had no idea anything like that was happening. Just horrible headaches. After I got on the right medication and made the right lifestyle adjustments for myself, I felt a lot better and had a significant reduction in seizures. I see my neurologist regularly and keep taking my meds and I haven't had to restrict my driving in many years. I do have to avoid flashing lights because they are a big trigger for me. Even very rapid moving images will trigger me. That has gotten worse as I have gotten older. I'm 53 now.

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