I have alot of medical painic attacks .
Like if i have a headache it cant just be a headache it has to be something horrible . i dont know how to change my way of thinking . it gets so bad sometimes i go to the doc or ER so they can make sure im ok .
Please help any tips

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  • Kobo


    Hey ladybug89, I can relate to what you just described. Even the lightest stomachache can make me feel like I have a horrible disease. I know this way of thinking is called psychosomatic, and it can treated. Have you met with a therapist or a psychiatrist?

  • Chanel


    Changing the way you think is a complicated mission that takes time. It is harder to do it by yourself. I can recommend maybe trying CBT. Although it's a long process, you already passed a big part of that when you realized your thoughts about your medical condition aren't real.

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