I'm having a really hard time coping right now with my mom on life support. I haven't slept in a week since she had her heart attack and I'm out of personal time at work so I have to go back tomorrow but I can hardly leave her bedside without balling my eyes out cause I don't want her to be alone. I don't need any advice really just some kind words.


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  • thunderstorm


    ❤️ I know ur scared of her being alone but believe me when I say she is never alone, no I'm not talking about the drs and nurses but so many people, we might not be there physically but we are there spiritually and mentally, it's hard but if u stop for a moment u can literally feel the love and care raiding off her and u. ❤️

  • spatula


    That must be so hard I can only commend you on keeping going whatever you are doing. I am sure your mum would be so proud of you just for that already. ❤️ Here if you need to chat ✨

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