howdy! jus wondering for those of you that experience menstrual cycles; whether or not those hormones trigger any episodes? just about everytime i get my period it triggers a manic episode, which is frankly exhausting because i already feel so depleted but I'm being driven to do anything and everything. last cycle it catapulted me into a romantic relationship with someone that lasted way too long. imagine my surprise when i come down from my high n i realize i didn't even like her. ANYWAY lemme kno

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  • Anomie


    I'm a trans guy but, yes, I feel like I have some extreme bouts of depression during periods. I've also had it where I felt like I was bordering on hypomania and mania when I was taking latuda and on my period. Unfortunately the psych I mentioned to it just offered birth control which I'm not interested in and not many words. It seems to be a thing though from googling it.

  • Noemie


    I find that my cycles tend to make me have more of the lows and more irritability. I mostly just wanna be left alone which is hard on my husband and kids.

  • Babydoll19


    Oh it does a ton. 😥

  • LexaPeach91


    Mine absolutely does yeah

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