I have agoraphobia, this is linked with my panic disorder. i start school on the 3rd and am terrified to go in person since ive been online for a while but i want to see my friends in person again. i dont know if im going to be able to feel okay. i dont like the idea that i cant just leave whenever i need to. i have to stay the 8 hours.

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  • Maria23


    🤗 I am sorry you are going through this, I have agoraphobia too and it’s been a rough journey for me, I was panicking when going out even for a short time accompanied by my boyfriend. This year I traveled twice, once by car through 6 countries, a 4 days drive, and I never thought I could do it, I was there for a month and then came back, I then took a 4hrs flight to my homecountry, stayed there for a month and came back, I still felt anxious but managed to enjoy it. I know it really hard to feel good when panicking, but what I’ve learned through self CBT and reading self help books is that, anxiety will never kill you or make you go crazy, even though that’s what it feels like. You have to learn to accept panicking, do not resist it and it will subside eventually. Don’t give up on hope. Trust me, you can do it, and it won’t happen overnight, you need to accept and acknowledge this, it will be a long and steady journey, you will have downfalls but you will always get back up and continue with your life. If you want to talk about it at anytime, you can message me! 🤗

    • Ksmi


      that is so amazing! Congrats! And thank you, this gives me hope. I have agoraphobia and deal with panic as well & have made some improvements in therapy. I 100% agree, I’m not cured by any means but the more accepting you are of the possibility of panicking the less it seems to happen. Being in tune with your body and having coping skills is HUGE, it takes time but it helps

  • Motley


    I don't have better advice than the people above me but I just wanted to say I empathize with this so much and I'm rooting for you!!

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