hi! im cecil :)
i am omw to starting testerone but have hit a frustrating hault. around when i started my periods, there was always vague talk from doctors about how i likely have endometrosis. as its something that runs in my family, and i have extreme reactions to periods in a way that lines up. and as i later found out, pain after prentration in a way that lines up..yet even after i needed to get an iud, they didn't diagnose it.
now starting t doctors are telling me they dont knkw how itll effect it!! and they need it diagnosed.
i was wondering if there was any other trans men with endometrosis who have been on t and what their experiences were?


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    hey, i don't have diagnosed endometriosis but there's definitely something goin on with me lol. i have periods 7-8 days with bad pain the first 2 or so. couple times i got sick from it and thought i had to go to the ER. i started testosterone yesterday. it sounds like you should see an endocrinologist or a different endocrinologist, as well as a gynecologist.

  • pixelpup


    my messages are always open if you want to talk about this!

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