I had a doctor's appointment today. It was just an annual checkup but I was planning on bringing up some other stuff too. My anxiety about that set in fast and I wasn't able to talk about any of it. I ret wanted to and did as much mental prep as I could. I just feel really down right now and frustrated with myself.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • snoopy919


    Are you able to send your doctor an email or a message? Sometimes it's easier to start a dialogue that way.

  • Lindsey_Bug


    I love making lists, so I don’t forget what I need to talk about during my appointment. I messaged my doctor the same list so she has a copy of it beforehand.

  • Lady6ug


    Write it down. That's what I do. I'm a really good writer but really bad at talking to people. You can either just have it in front of you and read off of it or you can hand it to whomever you want to read it. Or you can email about it or mention it specifically when you make an appointment depending on how your doctor's office is set up.

  • Cas_499


    Hey I saw you take singulair on your profile, do you know there's a black box warning out for it? I connected it to a lot of my anxiety and depression so just curious if you were aware!

    • sagjun


      I was not aware. However I started anxiety medication well before my singular. Thank you for the information.

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