I wanna exercise but it's hard getting motivation to do it with depression. I heard exercising helps with pots..


Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Belugabear


    I like just lifting weights while sitting at home, it’s hard to get up the motivation to go somewhere and pots makes that hard anyway, so it’s a good compromise that still helps!!!

    • JennaR


      Thank you! I wanna work on my legs though to help with the blood pool you know?

      • Belugabear


        yeah I get that, maybe try an elastic band? I do a lot of exercises with those for my legs and they are mostly while lying down!!

  • SylviaIris13


    I second the elastic band that's what my physical therapist is having me use. I also go on nature walks (if you can) it's nice to get fresh air and get a little cardio but I literally walk around my house so I can lay in the grass in case of dizziness

  • Monkey1980


    I'm in PT for POTS to build up a routine but it got put on temporary hold bc my iron level is almost zero, so they are waiting til I get iron infusions bc can't exercise with no iron (my FE level has been 4, my iron 6, 3% sat - super anemic just took them 7 months to decide to act on it bc I have HH too).

  • dizzyandbusy


    there’s a girl on tiktok that shows workouts you can do from your bed if you can’t find the energy or strength to get out. i also really love just doing yoga in my room. i can make it as difficult or slow and easy as i want it to be or watch a video or make up my own transitions. it feels really good to just stretch and move without putting too much stress on my body

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